Restoring Force is of Mice and Men’s third studio album released under Rise Records. Prior to its release Frontman Austin Carlisle suggested that Of Mice and Men would be redefining themselves, promising a “fusion between Meshuggah and Nickleback” and If that doesn’t give you sleepless nights then qmunicate would like to politely suggest you may have some issues.

Song titles like ‘Will You Still Be There’, ‘Another You’, ‘Break Free’ and ‘You Are Not Alone’ tell us a lot about the target audience of this album. Lyrically Carlisle mostly talks about self-identification and other issues targeted to white middle-class teenage girls.

Although their sound has been clearly re-defined under the influences of nu-metal and more structured guitar play, this album offers nothing new to fans of metalcore. After the third song ‘Bones Exposed’ it is hard to keep focus as everything starts to merge into a mess of cheesy riffs, clean chorus vocals and periodic predictable breakdowns. On top of that Carlisle’s vocals now resemble BMTH’s Oliver Sykes, leaving nothing that distinguishes this piece from any other randomly picked metalcore album.

[Tanya Gersiova]

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