ABC – 27/1

The thought of Reggae Metal is a bizarre but if that floats your boat then there is no one better to see than Welsh metallers Skindred.


The night kicked off to an energetic start in the form of support act Viza. With a combination of Eastern European, Latin and Hard Rock influences, the six guys came storming out with a sound easily comparable to System Of A Down. However the band easily stand on their own, with plenty of quirky musical experimentation. Unfortunately, their combination of musical styles and Rammstein-esque vocals however seemed lost on the crowd.

After being robbed for a round of very pricey Carlsberg, Soil took the stage. The band seemed lethargic and intitally threatened to be a big anti climax, with Ryan McCombs apologising to the crowd for the poor performance as the band were quite unwell. Fortunately, the second half of their set exploded. After a very popular cover of Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bit*h” they played nothing but classics, ending on their hit “Halo”.

Another mugging at the bar and Skindred were about to take the stage. Singer Benji Webbe swaggered on stage and instantly took control, cementing his place as one of the best front men in Britain. The place erupted, the irresistible groove of the band sat perfectly behind Benji’s melodic Reggae tones, until it was impossible to stay still. The new material fitted perfectly with their older classics with a slight change up in style and the use of the band’s DJ has increased which has led to some more pop orientated songs. Their performance was flawless, the band was tight, the crowd was electric and if you have never experienced the “New Port Helicopter” then get yourself down to the next Skindred show.

[Conor Moore]

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