Did anyone else know that New York’s We Are Scientists have been around for thirteen years? Thirteen is indeed their unlucky number as their newest release, TV En Français, is album number five and it seems to have gone down with a rather disappointing oomph.

we are scientistsTV En Français is ten tracks of forgetful, mediocre recordings that represent a band that have become far too comfortable in their own sound. The two-piece set-up seemed to have peaked years ago with their hit album Brain Thrust Mastery, released back in ‘08, letting talent and originality dwindle. Pooling steady, simple guitar and drum beats with yawn-inducing singing and predictable ‘oohs’ the self-proclaimed Scientists could have their newest record mistaken for a amateurly recorded demo tape. The haphazard stitching together of old fashioned melodies and brassy sounding instruments actually begins to get irritating, demonstrating a lack of studio acumen. We’ve actually already forgotten about TV En Français due to it having absolutely no redeeming features; we would say stick to your day job guys but TV En Français is totally lacking in chemistry.

[Emmie Harrison]


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