Hagana are a three-piece band from Edinburgh who released their first EP in 2010 and are coming out with a new full-length album later in 2014. These Scottish lads do grunge music well with similar guitar sounds, vocal harmony intervals, and song structures to bands such as Nirvana and The Presidents of the United States of America. The listener won’t be surprised by any new ideas in instrumentation, harmony, melody or lyrics, however not all music has to surprise and amaze to be worth a listen. Sometimes, familiar sounds and energy are just what the listener is craving. The middle four tracks off the six track EP are the songs that hit a raw energy groove and actually fit quite nicely in sequence. Listening to Hagana’s first EP alongside Nirvana is slightly unfair to them, but it is a good marker towards what they could possibly aim for in regards to transferring emotional energy into raw sound. Hagana is still a very young band so keep an ear on this band over their next few albums to see how they develop. The music video for the first single entitled Fuzzy Peach off their new album is now available on Youtube.

[Micah Van Dijk]


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