dum dum girlsThe new effort from the all-girl Los Angeles outfit leaves something to be desired. Too True is infinitely listenable, but that’s about all it is. The album is a cross between homage and pastiche, though lacking the essential humour that would make this mix endearing. Standout track ‘Rimbaud Eyes’ is a dreamy eighties spangler with an easy hook that worms its way into your brain for definite shower-humming potential. This is despite the clunky mispronunciation of “Rimbaud”, which really doesn’t matter as the song seems unrelated to the poet. These tracks wouldn’t be out of place on The Lost Boys soundtrack next to The Doors. Lead single ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ is in a similar vein, gentle scuzz that sounds like something on the Crow soundtrack. Too True is a good album, nice but nothing new. A retro sound without much in the way of innovation, it feels comfortable. If you like atmospheric eighties low-fi, this is the album for you. A line from ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ sums it up: “There’s no particular place we are going, still we are going.”

[Syd Briscoe]

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