It’s back. That one weekend when we ask you to come to the union just to run away as far from it as you can. Jailbreak, our biggest fundraising event of Semester 2, challenges you to get as far as you can without spending a single penny. You might think think that means spending a weekend in Kilmarnock, but past participants have gone as far as Germany, Poland and Egypt.

The principle behind the Jailbreak is simple: get as far away as possible in just 48 hours without spending any money on transport (whether it’s a train, plane or a donkey). Teams of 2-4 people compete which team gets the furthest. Our previous winners have gone way over 500 miles. Teams are allowed to spend money on food and accommodation, but means of transport should be acquired by busking, begging, hiding and pleading. Jailbreak is an unpredictable adventure of meeting new people, seeing the world and figuring out the art of glorified begging. I can guarantee that it will be exhausting, but also one of the most memorable weekends of your life.

But why? The whole point of Jailbreak is fundraising. Teams are allowed to fundraise for their chosen charities, or support our charity of the year, Alzheimer Scotland. Last year, Jailbreak raised over £1000 for various charities and this year we’re aiming even higher. Alzheimer Scotland is the leading dementia organisation in Scotland, providing a range of services from home support to helplines and dementia cafes. They also campaign for the rights of people with dementia as well as their families. The money goes towards providing Dementia Advisors, Dementia Nurses for every healthy board in Scotland and running Dementia Research Centres and 24-hour helpline.

So here are a few tips for the journey:

Try raising money on the way.

Don’t break any laws or do anything stupid – Jailbreak is supposed to be a bit risky, but we still want you to come back to Glasgow in one piece.

Better pack warm clothes. Bikinis may not suffice..

Be persistent but polite. It’s ok to be a bit cheeky and try everything at least twice.

It’s worth packing some food with you. A potato lorry is not necessary going to stop just for you.

Ferries seem to be the best way to mainland Europe.

If you’re blagging your way try get written confirmation of what you’re doing: the next train/bus conductor may not believe you quite so readily.

Avoid Kilmarnock, Newcastle & backwater villages.

Decide how far you are prepared to go – after all you are paying for your return.

Take a passport with you…and don’t forget it on a plane.

Want to know how to get involved? Application packs are available at QMU reception on 10th of February onwards and Jailbreak starts on 21st of February. Bon voyage!

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