The Jezabels are an Australian indie-pop group with an award-winning debut album. Their second album The Brink shows that they are not done making meaningful music. What first stands out is the vocal quality and range that lead-singer Hayley Mary displays. Complex guitar, bass and drum rhythms combine into a wall of sound that initially appears simple. Small decisions shine; such as the fades between tracks that give the listener a sense that they are joining something special already in progress. Obvious verse and chorus structures hide between small musical motifs and lyrical lines. If traditional pop songs run like a bobsled race, trying to get to the chorus as quick as possible and racing to the finish line then Jezabels songs flow more like a meandering stream; sometimes rushing around bends, other times calmly gathering in a pool for a moment of rest.

Ambiguous lyrical gems such as “Hit me with the rhythm of Beyonce” could have a multitude meanings, forcing the listener to choose one of those thousand possible interpretations each time they listen. For this reason The Brink should dominate playlists in the months to come.

[Micah van Dijk]

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