You Me At Six were always that band that fourteen years olds lost their musical virginity to. However, on their latest album Cavalier Youth, the days of grotty but compelling teenage angst have been replaced with wet lyrics and mediocre vocals. Incredibly their newest LP landed the band their first ever UK number one album, outselling Ellie Goulding by two copies to one. As many rock bands fail in the charts this makes the Surrey rockers’ achievements all the more baffling given the lazy, uninspired pop-rock contained within Cavalier Youth.

Long gone are Surrey born frontman Josh Franceschi‘s songs of gasping lust from pun-tastic debut album Take Off Your Colours. Instead, these have been replaced by gruff, half-hearted pieces with repetitive single lined chants serving as choruses. For many the band serve as a suitable guilty pleasure, but they’re far less potent now that Franceschi seems to have settled down, cured his STDs and found the love of his life. The whole record is summed up by ‘Be Who You Are’, which tells dejected emo fans that they will find “your little star” and listen to Joy Division together forever and ever. Altogether disappointing – one to use as your coaster.

[Emmie Harrison]

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