In their 2014 showcase, the GU Pole Dancing Club managed to surpass the standard they set for themselves at last year’s performance. This year’s theme, The Rhythm of the Night: A Fantasy Unfolds, allowed the dancers to be totally inspired and embrace their inner geek. The enormous group- made up mostly of girls, but including some guys who gave them a run for their money- performed amazing, athletic dance routines tailored to fit each chapter of the show. The theme was ideal for showcasing the dancers’ versatility as well as keeping the audience guessing what was coming next. As well as providing variety to the overall performance, each performance was choreographed by the dancers themselves, allowing them the chance to push themselves physically and create their own stories and interpretations.

Highlights included a tribute to Gatsby-style 20’s swing (complete with champagne confetti), a set that FINALLY answered the question “What would the entire Harry Potter series look like if it were condensed into a 5 minute pole dancing performance,” a Game of Thrones set and an amazing Lady Marmalade conclusion. The night included group performances and solo dances from veteran pole dancers taking on everything from Peter Pan to an incredible routine set to M83. The group also made excellent use of lighting and music, featuring everything from Bjork to The Cure, to create a radically different atmosphere for every dance.

Overall it was a polished and impressive performance- there were real gasps when the dancers appeared to defy gravity, and the skill required to pull these moves off made the less athletic among us wince. The best thing about the show was the way the dancers obliterated any negative preconceptions you would have upon going to a pole dancing show by giving their audience a spectacular performance that showcased their story-telling as well as their physical abilities.

[Jonny Stone]

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