3/2 – King Tut’s

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Anamanaguchi return to the days of Sabrepulse and the revival of retro gaming where everybody had that Pacman belt and pretended to still play the brick that was the Nintendo 64. However, this is not good ol’ vintage music; it’s just plain ear-rot. King Tut’s has been the teething ground for fantastic bands and exquisite music careers but tonight Glasgow’s flagship gig venue stood prepared for the vomit of 8-bit Nintendo chiptune electronica, with absolutely no vocals.

Support act DJ Mizuki looked straight out of his mother’s basement, delivering bone shaking dance music for drug trips. With waist length hair that he probably uses as a scarf, Mizuki was probably too anxious to say anything in front of a room full of swaying, vibrating girls. Instead he rocked up his sound board with squealing electronica and cult house music leaving the crowd suitably pumped for the headache that would follow.

Anamanaguchi, are an American foursome that really should have stayed in New York City. Most famous for their ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ game soundtrack and nominally inspired by the likes of Weezer and the Beach Boys, the cutesy American lads attracted a rather unusual crowd of young girls and long-haired men. However, the venue was so packed that the crowd could do little more than swing their bodies backwards and forwards; only removing their hands to style their hair at least thrice a minute.


If anything, Anamanaguchi meets expectations of a rapid, fast-paced, pulsating gig with a sweet, jazzy light show – chock full of twangy electronica and nerve-shattering console jingle jangles. But if you last longer than fifteen minutes, you deserve a medal. Anamanaguchi, this is game over.

[Emmie Harrison]


    1. Pong was Atari not Nintendo, you Geordie benefits cheat. I bet you cant even spell Universel Credit either. Pshaw!!!

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