Oran Mor, 26/2

This concert has the same vibe as a third date. The relationship of audience and the band starts slightly awkward while Hayley and the rest of the band warm up their voices and bodies during the first few songs from their latest album. The audience is reserved and polite (it’s rare for a Glaswegian crowd to be so self-conscious), giving proper applause at the end of the songs. They know there is something special about the Jezabels (they wouldn’t be on this third date if there wasn’t something special) however they are not quite sure what it is.

Just like a third date, some in the audience drink heavily and laugh inauthentically. Others stare and listen intently looking for glimpses of attraction and chemistry. And there are a few people already madly in love with the band and time stands still for them. Once the initial nerves and rustiness leave the band, they settle into just being themselves and expressing it through their music. Hayley Mary’s voice clearly cuts above all distractions in the room and helps focus the audience. The supporting instruments dynamically build and fall lendng the concert a natural give and take without overpowering the conversation at any point. Between songs, they say all the right things as well complimenting Glasgow and the audience and sharing how much fun they are having. The relationship between Glaswegians and The Jezabels is still quite new and there is enough mystery and emotional connection for a fourth date (concert). And in the mean-time while the Jezabels continue “to see” other audiences, Glaswegians can ‘creep’ the Jezabels by listening to their new album called The Brink which is available now. Is the feeling from Wednesday, February 26 true love?

[Micah Van Dyk]

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