Cheatahs -Broadcast – 18/2

A hard, heavy and a hurling paced gig was the main message that reverberated around the walls of Broadcast’s dingy basement venue on this bitter Tuesday night.

The talented local four-piece Electric Gardens opened up with an impressive set. Their power chords were bolstered with mind-mushing effects, leaving many of audience transfixed as their screeching lyrics pierced the ears of the early birds in the crowd. Regulars on the Glaswegian gig circuit and are well worth a watch.

After they quickly scuttled from the stage, an eccentric all female group Sharptooth sauntered into their set. The heavy vocals had a real grit to them and the dirty, fuzzy guitars did no harm either in converting Broadcast into one big room of noise and pain. Their songs did not really push the boundaries of creativity too much but Sharptooth had an edge to them.

The main course Cheatahs were soon to follow on and the venue instantly became crammed with dazed looking people. What felt like a very quick set featured many distorted effects and constantly interchanging guitar pieces. The juxtaposed laziness and effort drew parallels with bands like Dinosaur Jr and Yuck. Ending their set with their latest single “The Swan” Cheatahc rounded off an energy packed performance, leaving the audience buzzing off an assured return to Glasgow.

With a never ending tour ahead of them, Cheatahs’ sound seems set to ring out amidst the summer haze of the smaller festivals.

[Arron Cockell]

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