Drenge – Stereo – 22/2

A crammed Stereo were witness to three fantastic guitar based bands and Drenge’s explosive, fully focused set created a real passionate euphoria.

First up were the slick-haired local boys Deathcats. They shredded heavily and left the compact stage stained with sweat and spit. The crowd seemed to connect with the brash trio and it was not hard to see why. Heavily smashed guitar chords and a thumping bass got a group at the front jumping and the band really revelled in the atmosphere.

The main support group Traams were up next and the crowds started to pile in. The three-piece performed many tracks off of their new LP including “Flowers” which got the bodies moving and teeth grinding. Grungey, out of time, oscillating guitars and throbbing bass reverberated around the venues’ floors, makinf this exciting group difficult to forget.

With everyone drawn into the vice-like grip of intense guitar music, Drenge were set up to absolutely knock everybody down like skittles. Their entrance with “People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck” instantaneously opened up a mosh pit full of teens fuelled with a true rebellious nature. Tracks like “Bloodsports” and “Nothing” highlighted the ease and talent the duo have when playing and the leaving note “Fuckabout” wrapped up a fantastic performance. Eoin and Rory have musical talent and not one left saying differently.

A top quality headline set that passed in what felt like just twenty minutes does not come along often, but each band that performed at Stereo on this grim Saturday night each contributed to it. The audience will be hoping to catch each band again sometime soon and it is easy to see why the merch desk was almost impossible to get to.

[Arron Cockell]

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