Oran Mor – 24/2.

It was hard to squeeze into the Oran Mor and even harder to engage with the main support band. First support Dark Bells were on very early but their set had some enthusiasm and meaningful punch to it. The distorted blues rhythm really complimented the hard toned vocals and they should have been the band on before Temples.

Unfortunately, that was not the case, Childhood were instead. The effects they used were very clever and the set was well sustained throughout but it had no oomph. Each instrument seemed lacklustre and half hearted, and they only seemed to connect with a few of the fan girls near the front. It was not a very memorable performance but they do have some potential for improvement in the future.

Despite the thirty or so minutes of staleness, the main act were greeted loudly and kicked off strongly with ‘Colours To Life.’ The twelve string guitars threaded psychedelic music through the pillars of the picturesque venue and the soft vocals from frontman James Bagshaw emanated beautifully from the speakers. Tracks like ‘Ankh’ pushed the bass and fluorescent sounding keys to the forefront whilst the single ‘Shelter Song’ harmonised the crowd into one large, uplifting voice. An improvised encore from the four glitter entrenched males solidified their opening night of the new LP tour and it will be a memorable as well.

They may not move much and they may seem to saunter through song to song, but Temples can put a really good set together. With a successful debut album Sun Structures, released on Heavenly Recordings, Temples are sure to have a successful time touring throughout 2014.

[Arron Cockell]

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