Barrowlands, 12/3

“Everyone’s so attractive in Glasgow” – bassist Este Haim has clearly mastered the art of exaggeration as she looks out at a sold-out venue. Gliding on to the stage, the familial three-piece kick of the night with ‘Falling’.Danielle Haim is only a shadow in the dark as she busts out her guitar solo.

‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ gets the crowd moving, with Este’s glorious bass face coming in to its element. However, though the sisters seem to be very keen on leaving an impression (having been told of the famous Barrowlands by their friends, Chvrches), the crowd beyond the first three manic rows doesn’t seem to be engaging as well as you would expect at a sold-out show. Gradually, the crowd warms, especially with the insistence that ‘My Song 5’ be accompanied not by clapping, but “butt claps, guys!”, with the distortion and strong vocals getting the audience gently moving.

Haim continuously exhibit their enormous talent, with all three playing numerous instruments throughout the gig with the same levels of confidence and ease. However, it is Este’s undiscovered talent for rapping which really amuses the crowd, even if a suggestion to rap about buckfast sadly goes unheard.

The surprises continue with a glorious cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO’, as the crowd sings along just as confidently as they have with Haim’s own songs. Ending the night with a massed drum breakdown on ‘Let Me Go’, the band strut off stage, confident in their abilities and off to enjoy their night. However the energy rarely made it to the back of an, at times, stagnant Barrowlands. Thank your lucky stars for Este’s chat.

[Jo Reid]

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