We are Scientists, The Heartbreaks, Superfood, O2 ABC, 11/3

The Heartbreaks begin their support slot to a very empty venue. Each individual member delivers a solid performance but somehow it does not quite come together to create a unified sound. More dynamics in volume and texture could lend well to their catchy tunes and add emphasis to their loud moments in performance.

The next support act Superfood brings the indie pop vibes with a side of funk, as well the crowd-pleasing publicity campaign of handing out free sweets to the slowly growing audience. Unfortunately, their live performance does not quite fit with the amount of next-big thing hype they are receiving; the choruses may be catchy but they are a bit too simple to connect with the audience and the two singers need a bit more live stage experience to lock in their harmonies.

By the time We are Scientists reach the stage, a large audience has sauntered into the ABC ready to enjoy this three piece act from New York, USA. The trio quickly engage the crowd by playing their hit “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.” which sends everybody to the front of the stage and from that point on the gig becomes a mixture of high energy indie-rock tunes and short improvised comedy sketches. Bassist Chris Cain jokes with lead-singer and guitarist Keith Murray about the pronunciation of Glasgow while drummer Andy Burrows laughs from the back of the stage. At one point Chris calls a fan onto the stage so that he can get a picture with him, much to the dismay of Keith. The engaging banter and laidback attitude of the band are what make an hour and a half fly by and soon they are saying goodnight for the final time. Departing they declaim their love of playing in Glasgow and the response from the crowd suggests that the feeling is mutual.

[Micah Van Dyk]

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