Barrowlands Ballroom – 17/3.
Northern Irish punk band, Stiff Little Fingers, have been doing this specific gig for more than twenty years at the Barrowlands and yet still it creates a special St Patrick’s day. Walking to the old ballroom, you can really feel the deep Irish connection that underlies the Glaswegian soul and this gig feels like a release from the hardship and an embrace of the deep culture within the cracks of the Barras. Stiff Little Fingers play three encores and probably around 25 songs, interwoven with a series of reminiscences about punk heroes like Joe Strummer.

Their new release No Going Back has been on the horizon since around 2007, but thanks to the support of their fans, Stiff Little Fingers can finally celebrate at the Barrowlands with even more tracks.
The crowd was packed with everyone from reincarnated Punks to patriotic Scotsmen and the atmosphere hit the heights that Glasgow over the years has been known for. As the punk four-piece confidently strolled out onto the stage and picked up the instruments, the beers were already flying and the shirts were off. Such a boyish atmosphere was strangely mesmerising and the simplistic yet passionate guitars and bass only added to that ethos. It was clear that this was a night for the masses that wanted to let go of the mundane 9 to 5 job and just go absolutely full out. The finish on ‘Alternative Ulster’ represented this DIY character and the night went as fast as any other in the 23 years or so that bands have been playing this part of Glasgow.

A sold out show is standard for this gig, and it is easy to see why when the band perform with such tenacity and vigour.

[Arron Cockell]

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