Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s – 22/3

Dressed in a marvellous black and gold outfit and accessorised with a nineties-style choker, Lyla Foy casually takes a seat by the rest of us downstairs in Sleazy’s to enjoy the last couple of songs performed by her Glasgow-based support Jon Cooper, an electro musician known under the artist name Turtle and accompanied by a synth player, whose name still remains unclear yet whose participation in their set was highly noteworthy.

With a sound similar to South East London-boys Breton, the duo describe themselves as “complex arrangements of microscopic cells traveling beautifully through space”. They produce a mixture of electro-synth sounds whilst leader Jon occasionally picks up his guitar to add a few modest riffs and finally intensifies the music with his vocals in certain songs – the most striking of these being ‘Who Knows’ and ‘Compartmentalisation’.

Once they finish their set, the stage, inspired by the cover art of Lyla Foy’s recently produced album Mirrors in the Sky, evolves from standard gig set-up to being decorated with fairy lights climbing up Lyla’s microphone stand and a projector showing images of flowers and trees accompanied by orange and lilac colours. Altogether it creates a very atmospheric festival-like feeling. This London-based singer/songwriter plays mainly the bass and is accompanied by her three band members on drums, synth and keyboard.

After announcing that this is their first ever gig in Glasgow, followed by a typically friendly Glaswegian cheer from the crowd, they start off with ‘Left to Wonder’, one of her earlier singles. The set includes a total of eight songs; a mixture of tracks from her album and a few stand alone singles.

Her voice is somewhat of a 21st century version of The Cardigans’ lead singer Nina Persson, producing rock-solid tone whilst lining it with an incredibly soft and beautiful vibe. Mid-performance, Lyla switches from the bass to the guitar and continues with the beautiful, newly-released ‘Rumour’, though the live version lacks the chirping birds heard on the album version.

Rounding off her very enjoyable and humble performance, Lyla ends the set with latest single ‘Feather Tongue’ – a song which holds a magnificent texture of slow and atmospheric beats, which makes her a very suitable listen for summer, festivals and general chilled-out listening.

Lyla Foy is now booked for several gigs and festivals around Europe and the US this summer, rounding her tour off at the end of July in The Deer Shed festival in Yorkshire, alongside names such as Johnny Marr and Stornoway.

[Sarah Ågren]

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