By reading the band’s name, “Damn Vandals” out loud, you can almost hear what kind of music awaits even before hitting the play-button. The four-piece band’s music is anarchic, ballsy, and lead singer Jack Kansas growls his way through the band’s highly anticipated second album: Rocket Out Of London.

It consists of ten songs that range between such snappy titles as: ‘Mad As Hell’, ‘I Hate School’ and ‘Too Lazy To Die, Too Stoned To Live’. Some of the tracks sound quite similar, but there is something enjoyable about them. While songs like ‘Cities Of A Plastic World’ feature biting social commentary, a certain playfulness permeates the album, and it is good fun to listen to.

The sound is uncompromising, and the band never veer away from the path it sets out on from the opening track – even more so than on their critically acclaimed debut, Done For Desire, which was praised for cutting out the nonsense and instead advocating energetic, straightforward rock music. Their follow-up album definitely follows suit

Technically, the album is very well executed and songs like ‘Twist Up and Tangled’, ‘I Hate School’ and ‘This Music Blows My Tiny Mind’ feature many intriguing, distorted guitar-sounds. Throughout, Kansas is also allowed to showcase his vocal-capacity and if anything, the mere stamina of his voice is worth applauding.

Rocket Out Of London lacks the slightly more melodic sound of its predecessor, but exceeds it in creating an energetic and rowdy atmosphere that most certainly will serve them well when they eventually set out on tour. It fits perfectly into the scenes of intimate basement-venues, and I suspect that the best way to enjoy Damn Vandals is indeed live.

Rocket Out Of London is out on April 7.

[Frida Runnkvist]

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