ABC – 19/3

The versatile, quirky Metronomy are spreading across the cities of the UK as they tour their new album Love Letters and tonight sees them play the O2 ABC to a sold out audience.

Joseph Mount and his  fellow band members all have their interesting quirks; from peculiar high male voices to simultaneously swapping instruments like something organized by the mad hatter, yet when they all combine their personalities together it creates a warm and lovable set that appeals to a diverse audience.

Right from the start they hit three new songs including recent single “Love Letters” and we’re thrown right into the pop electronica and harmonies that this band thrive on. The synthesized keys of the London-based band build up in layers and the bass ripples out beautifully getting the  feelings flowing and the crowd moving.

Tracks like ‘The Look’ and ‘She Wants’ from the fantastic album The Bay help build a bridge between the stage and the O2 ABC floor and the intimacy was further solidified by old favourites like “Radio Ladio” and “Heartbreaker”. These are tracks that, when played, seem to stay with you for weeks after until you are finally able to release the euphoric urge onto some poor guy’s playlist.

As the main set momentarily finished, allowing the group to catch their breath and top up on beverages, no one would shift and the voices grew louder and louder as the band returned to the stage to deliver ‘Some Written’, the night’s standout performance. As they dance flirtatiously around the stage, you can really feel what Metronomy are about; creating music by piecing together each spontaneous sound works perfectly for this band and they can hold their heads high, as they are one of the most enjoyable live acts in the country to witness.

[Arron Cockell]


  1. The Album with the tracks ‘the Look’ and ‘She wants’ is actually called ‘The English Riviera’ but a good descriptive article none the less.

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