King Tut’s – 4/4

Bipolar Sunshine

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut has invited us to a party and they’d like to introduce three people that most of us have never met before in person. Kimberly Anne is first to take the stage with her acoustic guitar, loop pedal, and a variety of exotic percussion instruments. She smiles, says hello, plays a few songs, tells us a bit about herself, encourages us to join in singing, and genuinely wants to connect with us the audience.

After we’ve hung out with Kimberley for thirty minutes, Indiana takes the stage with her backing band and while her voice is the most powerful one of the evening, Indiana’s shyness shows to the point where when she talks between songs we can barely hear what she is saying and we begin to feel embarrassed of her shyness.

Finally we are introduced to tonight’s headliner, Bipolar Sunshine, who preaches the simple message of love and happiness. His tunes are laden with singable hooks and his demeanor is very relaxed. Unfortunately it’s so relaxed you start to question whether he even cares that the audience are in the room.

No acknowledgement is made of the crowd and no attempt is made to make this meeting anything different than the one in Newcastle the night before or the one planned for Manchester tomorrow.   When an encore is called for, none is given and the crowd leave feeling that we heard some catchy hooks from Bipolar Sunshine but he didn’t care enough to learn anything about us, the audience.

So as we all leave the King Tut’s party on April 4th, the meeting with Kimberly Anne sticks out as the one which felt the most unique and uplifting whereas Indiana’s shyness and Bipolar Sunshine’s indifference overshadow a few moments of musical skills and catchy hooks that they offered.

[Micah van Dijk]

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