combichrist we love you

Blood, sweat, screams, tattoos, heavy riffs and UV lights. If you’ve never been to a cyber-goth rave, you should definitely go. Not only is it great fun, but there’s some amazing music playing. The new album We Love You by Combichrist – basically the industrial dance version of Rammstein – sounds like it was made for that kind of party; fusing frantic dance and electro tunes that won’t leave anyone standing still with heavy screams and outstanding guitar riffs on top of floor shaking deep bass.

No metalhead ever shall be ashamed of losing their mind to these guys, as they send you on an hour long trip through the ruins of abandoned factories stuffed with maggots, unicorns, and preachers of Satan. The album also involves a sinister confession, ’Evil in Me’ which would jar somewhat with the rest of the record, were it not for the atmospheric darkness which binds them together.

Other standout tracks include the spectacularly named ‘Maggots at the Party’ and ‘Fuck Unicorns’ both of which will make you mosh uncontrollably. There is no resisting! Awaken the demon hidden in your soul and find yourself screaming on top of your lungs ‘We Rule the World Motherfuckers!’

[Tanya Gersiova]

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