The four Kilmarnock born Scottish rockers beautifully sing reverberating songs of sobering up and 21st century relationships. Think a gruffer, Scottish Maccabees and you’re pretty close. Fatherson are awesome, with their Simon Neil twang intelligently welded with punchy guitar riffs that situate themselves at the top of the Scottish band list.

Bearing similarities to the profoundly anthemic qualities of Richard Ashcroft and The Verve, Fatherson are starkly understated despite bettering themselves with every new song. They are hairy without being hipster; they are rough without the tumble, and parallel perfectly the dumbfounding  talent that names like Biffy prove Scotland has to offer.

The whole album features crescendo upon crescendo; crushing guitars align raw emotion and chant worthy choruses that guarantee your musical palette will be satiated – especially in ‘James’ and ‘Kiteers’. Frontman Ross Leighton creates ripples in the Scottish music scene with a stupor inducing drawl that silences an audience and affirms exactly why this band are playing T in the Park later this year and have slots supporting huge names like Feeder and Frightened Rabbit already under their belts. If there’s one band you must see in Scotland this year, it’s this one. You’ll regret it when you have to pay forty quid for a ticket to see them in a few years.

I Am An Island will echo around corners of your head for days upon days. You will hum it in the shower and it will haunt you with its enshrouding flawlessness. Step aside Biffy Clyro – we have some new Scottish rockers destined to tear up the scene.

[Emmie Harrison]

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