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Marmozets are on an upwards swing. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid their latest single ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ on Facebook, then you’ve clearly just not been on Facebook. Their signing to Roadrunner Records last year means that some well-deserved hype is currently behind the five piece from West Yorkshire.

Their excellent EPs Passive Aggressive and Vexed are ignored for tonight’s headline show – the band’s eyes are fixed firmly on the future. And my God does it pay off.’Why Do You Hate Me?’ is one of my tracks of 2014 already, and live it is massive. One of the few tracks the crowd can singalong to; it gets arms waving and teases of the insanity to come as the set progresses. Although a fairly straightforward song by comparison to other tracks in their arsenal, it stays with you, and as fierce as it is on record – live it is positively ferocious.

In an interview with Becca earlier in the day, she said that a lot of the tracks come from being passionate and believing in what you do. It’s clear that that extends to the whole band – existing as a blur for the whole night, assaulting their instruments, only remaining still to prepare for the next mental passage that causes the crowd to move.

‘Move Shake Hide’ is a familiar face amongst new friends. Chaos thus ensues, which is only exacerbated by the finale of ‘Vibe Tech’ that sees a band invasion of the crowd. The closing track is potentially the craziest thing the band have done yet, with a madness akin to The Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s huge, and the band’s willingness to get involved with the madness on the floor makes them infinitely more likeable than they already are, highlighting that all-or-nothing approach the band has taken to in their career thus far.

Based on this performance, Marmozets deserve the world. Based on this performance, they’re gonna take it whether you like it or not.

[Scott Wilson]

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