Film Review: 22 Jump Street

Making a comedy sequel can often seem to be the easiest route to money for some studios, but making a GOOD comedy sequel is the almost unattainable dream. It’s surprising, therefore, that 22 Jump Street not only succeeds in being a GOOD sequel, but it may even succeed in being BETTER than the already magnificent 21 Jump Street. Between this and The Lego Movie, directors Lord and Miller are certainly proving themselves to be Hollywood’s kings of comedy.

With numerous meta-references and knowing nods toward the nature of film sequels, 22 Jump Street manages to be as crazy as the first film. Featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as the pair of ‘unlikely’ undercover brothers the McQuaids, the film revolves around the hapless heroes trying to uncover the source of the drug sweeping Metro City State College which is known only as WHYPHY (Work Hard? Yes. Play Hard? Yes). To give away any more of the plot would do a great disservice to the knowingly stupid jokes that 22 Jump Street dishes out with generosity, but suffice to say that the film is an absolute delight from start to finish, including what must be a first- a credit sequence that is even funnier than the film itself. That’s not to say the film itself lacks killer moments- Hill performing some excellent impromptu slam poetry about a dead girl being up there with the best.

With fraternities, hazings and all the expected knowing references to the stereotypical American college, 22 Jump Street is unrelentingly funny. Tatum, Hill and a stellar supporting cast of new and returning characters provide the most enjoyable cinematic experience you could have this year. Just make sure you stay until the very end.

[Ryan Sandrey]

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