Album Reivew: The Black Keys, Turn Blue

You’d think that eight albums in that you’d know what to expect from a new Black Keys record.

Their octet of albums have rarely veered far from chunky proto-blues riffs, girl-done-me-wrong lyrics and comedy videos so it is a welcome surprise that Turn Blue opens with an almost seven minute track ‘Weight of Love.’

The track moves from Dark Side of the Moon space noises through to a guitar solo that by their own minimalist standards can probably be described as grandstanding. It’s an exciting opener but one which The Black Keys struggle to top on an album that seems set to solidify their position as second-on-the-bill festival stalwarts.

They’ve opted to get the surprises out the way early on and for the most part The Black Keys revert to form.

The sexual politics are not always progressive, but the choruses are punchy and producer Danger Mouse, returning for the third time, does his spaghetti-western thing, adding satisfying strings and piano to the duo’s blues-rock romps.

‘Fever’ is the closest things to a knockout single in the mould of 2011’s glam stomp ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ whilst ‘Bullet in the Brain’ revives the Pink Floyd guitar licks of the intro.

Overall Turn Blue is little more than business as usual.

[Max Sefton]

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