Live review: The Family Rain

King Tut’s – 10/06

A reviewer should always try to keep away from the resemblance-model review, where writers resort to comparisons with other bands in order to share their dislike or appraisal of the act they are reviewing. With The Family Rain however, there is almost no choice but to adhere to this model, given how hard it is to deny the tonal resemblance they bear to some acts that have made some serious garage rock-blues music over the last decade or so, namely The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

What The Family Rain do is to take the rawness and chaotic reverb of garage rock and have a go at ‘festivalising’ the genre with monotonous build-ups that lead to monotonous anthem-like choruses. Their set thus cheapens quickly after about fifteen to twenty minutes when the formula becomes clear.

This may make it sound worse than it is. Their stage presence is engaging enough and they definitely have enough stamina to carry a show. William Walter, the frontman and lead guitarist, has a voice well-suited for the genre and manages to carry some interesting melodies over the rather staid chord progressions.

Their songs convey a good ol’ rock n roll honesty and there is no doubt that Family Rain could easily become the next big thing if they were to focus more on delivering the heavy hitting blues rather than on modernising or simplifying a genre in no need of rejuvenation.

[Dan Daianu]



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