Live Review: Natasha North

Broadcast – 20/07

Keeping a crowd’s attention focused with just you and a guitar is a challenge, but it’s one Natasha North performed effortlessly. Strolling onto Broadcast’s small stage as the support act for Mike Dignam, her bubbliness invited the crowd to politely stop chattering without even trying.

With a lovely voice oozing with character, her confidence welcomed the audience in with a warm ambiance. North offered up a very strong performance with a controlled voice that could range from soft croons to a deeper, dictating voice which would cut through the playful guitar and speak directly to the listener.

North’s easy stage presence was refreshing, keeping the audience entertained with teasing remarks about her South English accent compared to Glasgow’s. She would continually compliment Glasgow, claiming that this was the best gig, even better than her previous in Oxford (this girl knows how to get a Scottish crowd on her side!). Crowd participation was encouraged; North instructed the crowd how and when to sing along with her gentle ‘oohs’ (the crowd performing a strong weegie style ‘oh’).

Everything about North seemed open and affable, including her songs. North was happy to explain the meanings behind her lyrics, making each song more accessible to the audience. Her lyrics weren’t exactly ground-breaking or delving into existential questions about society, they were sweet and simply about aspects of life that all young adults can relate to, whether that be heartache or feeling lost. However, this recognisable structure did not take away from her charm, it added to it.

Natasha North’s just your average young woman with average everyday struggles who happens to be a talented musician, and if that’s what you’re needing from music then North’s here to provide it. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a teenage girl whining about the “cute hunk” who “just doesn’t get her”; she’s easy to listen to but interesting enough to keep you coming back for more.

In general, whether North was playing light-hearted or emotional songs, each one stood out well on stage and was never interrupted by distracted, babbling audience members which, for a support act, is very impressive.

Natasha North’s EPs ‘Gather and Run’ and ‘Fire’ are available on iTunes now.

[Michaela Barton]

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