Live Review: TEEN

King Tut’s – 21/07

Well, I guess I shall start this as positively and reductionist as possible: TEEN are fantastic live. I should stray away from the ridiculously out-dated and unnecessary gender-based analogies, but seeing that there are not many all-female experimental bands out there, it’s rather difficult not to…

So yes, TEEN is an all-female experimental pop band from Brooklyn, New York, fronted by Kristina “Teeny” Lieberson (formerly of Here We Go Magic fame, a brilliant little band that gained some momentum in the late 2000s). Whilst Here We Go Magic made sincere and soothing indie pop music, TEEN are a powerhouse of blending and mashing genres and sounds together. There is psychedelic, electronica, nuances of noise and even RnB, beautiful harmonies followed by abrupt yet haunting atonality, heavy unpredictable breaks and the weird thing is that it works incredibly well. TEEN succeed where many bands today fail. In an era where musical innovation is running thin and is often seen as manufactured alternative “hipster” music, TEEN really stand out as something unique and authentic.

Perhaps the most intriguing bit about this band is Kristina’s voice, with an almost country-like Dolly Parton-esque vibe, that hits you immediately. It is refreshing to hear an “old school”-type voice on something so modern and alternative.

This would be the part of the review where I, as a wannabe professional acidic (or asshole-ish) reviewer, would add something negative to stir up and spice up this piece of writing. Yet here’s the problem – TEEN know their music, know their instruments and on the 21st in King Tuts they showed that they are not afraid to toy with them enough to create some highly effervescent, cerebral and pleasurable entertainment.

[Dan Daianu]

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