Album Review: Jaww – Pure Vibes

Jaww are about as cute as they come. Pure Vibes is their debut EP of cheerful, loving indie-pop. A five-piece from the north of England, they formed last year at college under the influence of The Smiths. Johnny Marr vibes are audible on the maximum-treble guitar riffs, but overall the sound is California-sunny, like the Mystery Jets and Best Coast.

‘Let’s Be Friends’ is a teenage love-letter complete with wistful harmonies and a chorus of I would wait my whole life for you. To prove how smitten they are, there is even a giggle at the end of the recording.

‘Flake’ brings a tambourine into the percussive mix with a chorus of oohs and ahs; while ‘Another Day’ has a driving snare drum to match Eve Chatterton’s rapid-talking mezzo soprano.

Saving the best ‘til last is ‘In Control’. The riff and vocals have attitude and sex appeal, like Hayley Williams doing karaoke and it ends on a brilliant rock’n’roll breakdown.

While the music and production is exciting, some of the lyrics are familiar and a bit Hallmark. Maybe a tortured break-up EP would stretch the vocabulary further.

Oh, also all Jaww’s artwork is cat-themed. Convinced?

[Ellen MacAskill]

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