Album Review: FKA Twigs – LP1

Like many of the most enchanting albums, FKA Twigs’ debut can wash over you at first. There’s just nothing to latch on to.

The album is simply titled LP1. The beats are sparse and the lyrics float over the top, not fully revealing themselves. And the utterly fantastic album cover, featuring Twigs as a heavily made-up waxwork, is simultaneously alienating and intimate, a description that could just as easily be applied to the album’s contents.

Twigs has garnered something of the aesthetic from the recent electronic-R&B crossover but taken it in a far less poppy direction, breathing new life into a subgenre that feels highly saturated. She lets her songs breathe and generate feelings of tenderness in the vein of Jessie Ware, but does so in a more experimental environment, evoking last year’s incredible Cut 4 Me mixtape by Kelela as well as other artists on the Night Slugs label.

However, this is more than just an exhibition of talent. On LP1, Twigs lets you into her world, but keeps you at arms length. It’s a sensitive record, but not explicitly so: the melancholic synthesisers and melodies deliver her message more than her lyrics, which only scratch the surface of LP1’s slow-burning emotional impact. This is an album worth investing your time in.

[Ally Shaw]

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