This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Feminism is more than just a movement but an idea that’s value is derived not from its constituent parts, not from the human beings who fight and believe in it, but its intrinsic value. To be a feminist is to believe, at its most basic, that every human being deserves equality of opportunity and of existence.

The Isabella Elder Feminist Society is named after a woman and a feminist who fought for equality of education at this very university and was the benefactor of some of its first female graduates. In an effort to continue her legacy of education and activism, our This Is What A Feminist Looks Like campaign will run throughout this first semester, kicking off at our stall at the Fresher’s Fair. We hope to dispel myths about what it means to be a feminist and who can or cannot be one. Students from all walks of life are encouraged to publicly identify themselves as feminists, using the society’s picture frame saying “This is what a Feminist looks like.” The campaign also includes showcasing many examples of feminists from our history and pop culture.

Attacks on feminism itself are derailing tactics used to distract and hinder progress in equality. By stereotyping feminists, we prevent individuals around the world who most need feminism from accessing the movement and community that seeks to empower them. The caricature of feminism that abounds in our popular culture and our imaginations damages the ability of us all, regardless of our political aims, to achieve equality or even, in some cases, begin progress towards it.  Students at Glasgow today will one day be the leaders in business, politics, sports and the media that can either perpetuate discrimination or be forces for positive change. Changing people’s perception of feminism now can have real and lasting effects on the future we will live in.

[Bethany Garry]

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