Interview: Kristian Nairn

After a successful 16 years of DJing all over the world, what would you say makes a great/ bouncin’ dance floor tune?

It’s all about bassline and the rhythm section on the drums- that really carries the song for me. Oh!  And the piano, that combination makes for quality house music.  Gets people’s hands in the air y’know?

What would you say are your greatest influences for your performances then?

Well I’ve always been a House Music DJ so I like a bit of old school sound, which is luckily really popular.  It’s always about sort of going back in that direction.

So you’re in the middle of a world tour, any highlights so far?

Well it’s quite early, although we’ve done quite a lot already! Hopefully most of the highlights are still to come, but Australia as a whole was a definite highlight. We did all the cities and Perth and Sydney were absolutely amazing. But then I also did Aberdeen shortly after this and thought it would be a bit crap… But it wasn’t, it was excellent! Even better than Australia… Actually, every night has been incredible.

I’m guessing people shout Hodor at you a lot on stage, but how often do you actually encounter it?

Haha!  Yeah, it happens A LOT at an event but it also happens at Tesco, which is a bit meh. On stage it’s a completely different feeling! Tonight you’ll likely hear a chant go up and it’s happened at every venue so far- touch wood, I hope it happens tonight- and yeah, it’s great!

Would you say on stage is the right time and place for it?

The right time for it is definitely on stage but not so great when I’m just popping to Tesco to get some tomatoes…

So speaking of Hodor, have you read the A Song of Ice and Fire Novels?

No I haven’t!

Do you want to avoid finding out what happens to keep the suspense or…?

Well I know what happens, I have Wikipedia! And my mother is a huge fan of the books so she sort of ruined it all for me anyway! Also as an actor, it’s dangerous to know too much. Especially with a character as pure as Hodor, you’ve got to reflect very pure emotions and then in season four with all the fight scenes, that’s something that you don’t know to know what’s going on until it actually happens. You don’t want to give anything away in your performance beforehand.

If you don’t mind us asking, did you have a favourite scene to film?

Yeah definitely,  they’ve  mostly been from season four! Probably  the neck breaking scene. Not only because of that cool part, but there was a really compleat emotional part when I had to change personality. And who gets the opportunity to do that? As an actor that was an amazing opportunity to change in a split second.

Do you think Hodor deserves the Iron Throne?

Yes. Definitely! Although a few people maybe deserve it more due to the limited vocabulary… So I’d like to see Brienne get it.

[Chiara Bullen]

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