Interview: Vukovi

We’ve just been discussing stage-diving, what do you think makes a great live show?

J –  When we have big crowds, I would say personally for me it’s about having lots of variety, not getting too cocky. If you’re having a good time onstage I think it will be reflected in the crowd

So you did a short set for Radio 1’s Big Academy earlier in the QMU earlier this year, how did you find that?

J – That was a brilliant day. The only weird thing was, it was all seated so we were the only people standing up; a really stripped back set, more chilled.

You talked about your songwriting that day, are you the kind of band who like to jam in the studio or do you tend to come in with parts pre-written?

J – Hamish, the guitarist, is really creative when it comes to that sort of thing. He comes up with some really mad sounds and then we tend to jam around that and I come up with a melody and lyrics on top of that.

You’ve just signed to First Run Records and they’re releasing your new single ‘So Long Gone’ for which you’ve just released a video, how was that?

J – Before signing with First Run we’d done a mini-album which got into the hands of someone over there and they approached us. I think it has given us the kind of extra push to reach out to the widest number of people. Now ‘So Long Gone’ is being released on September 29th. For the video, we’d booked a room in Pollokshaws and then some tv production company came along and offered hunners for it. We had everything planned and we were kinda panicking but our manager knew the manager at [legendary Glaswegian gig venue] the Barrowlands and he let us in for literally five hours to film the whole thing so that was quite awesome!

There’s been a lot of coverage recently over Paramore being the first female-fronted band.

J – The music industry is 90% men, 10% women and I think that can be hard. Sometimes you turn upto a gig and someone says “oh, are you with the band?” and I’m like “Yes, I’m the lead singer”. The music industry is still somewhat sexist.

There’s recently been an all-female rock and metal festival, would that be something you’d be interested in?

J – No, a majority of our fans are male but I think it should be that if they like your music, it won’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy.

[Max Sefton & Scott Wilson]

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