Interview: Marmozets

Qmunicate journalist Hannah Burke spent your average Thursday evening with Marmozets’ screaming-rocker-siblings – frontwoman Becca and drummer Sam Macintyre. They only remind us of exactly why we attend every one of their Glasgow shows ever. Ever.

Obviously it’s been a really busy year for you guys – signing to Roadrunner, countless shows, festival performances, music videos and putting the album out – how have you found it?

Sam: Yeah, I mean it’s got to be done! If you wanna promote your band then you’ve got to do stuff like that y’know! But it’s been really fun, it’s been busy – just good times.

Becca: We’ve been having so much fun!

So it was the first night of the tour last night – how did it go?

Both: Amazing!

S: It really went off, it was really good-

B: -My neck hurts, haha!

S: Yeah it was definitely a fun one.

So are your live shows quite energetic then?

B: Yeaaah, you could put it that way haha! I think I went a bit too hard yesterday, I was too excited – my head feels like it’s going to fall off. A good first day, and good feelings about today too – King Tut’s is great, they feed you well! We played here before with The Used and Hyro Da Hero in 2012 too [pointing at poster on the wall].

Yeah, you guys have got a pretty impressive gig history! You played Download this year too, how was that?

B: It was amazing, really good actually. We’d played there two years before, so there was a bigger crowd this time round too.

S: Yeah it was really good, compared to the first time we played there were a lot more people, and it was a little bit more hectic which was really fun.

B: I’d say a lot more confidence too, and people know your songs!

So have you got any other highlights from shows you’ve played, or any shows that stick out?

B: This whole summer has just been one massive highlight I’d say; we did Warped Tour, and we go back next month for a whole month

S: Mostly the shows are fucking great, we haven’t really had a bad show in a while.

That’s good to hear! So coming back to the album, how does it feel putting out your first album compared to your EPs?

S: Well it’s a lot more big a deal, like when you do these EPs it’s not really a full blown record y’know?

B: Yeah, it’s more of a ‘write some music then record’ type thing, but with an album it’s like, “Okaaaay, here we go, serious business!”

What was the writing process like then?

S: Well we had quite a few of these songs prior to doing the album, and some of them we wrote for it – a couple of them we wrote in the studio actually, which we don’t really like to do stuff like that, but if it happens then it happens. But yeah, it was long, we were just really careful about what we wanted to record because we had a lot of stuff so it was just picking and choosing what we wanted.

B: Yeah, just narrowing it down, which was kinda cool because we could use bits and bobs from all the other songs for the second album, and we’re already right into the second album.

You guys have got a pretty interesting sound, a lot of it’s quite math-y and technical – would you say you take any influences from anyone?

S: We don’t really take any influences – well we try not to, I mean we don’t know ourselves, it might be like a subliminal thing that we do but we don’t usually try to.

B: Yeah, I don’t really have any. I think because both our families were musical, so we’ve been singing and I was playing piano and whatever, we’ve always been brought up around music anyway and that kind of pushed us into music… in a nice way, haha!

So what’s it like playing and touring with your siblings?

S: It’s just fun!

B: Yeah, it’s fun! We’re best friends.

S: It’s all we’ve done since we were like 13/14.

B: We’ve had our whole teen life together, and now we’re going into adulthood… good god!

So you were saying you’ve got American shows coming up?

B: Yeah, we go on tour with Issues, I Killed The Prom Queen, Ghost Town… it’s gonna be fun! We get some good days off as well, we’ve got a day in New York, a day in L.A-

S: -Thanksgiving in L.A! Which’ll be really fun.

You said you were going into the second album too, have you got any other plans for next year?

B: We’re just literally touring all the time haha! That’s literally it, just tour after tour.

S: Mm, it’s just all we’re doing at the moment.

B: I think we’re going to do another headline tour.

S: Yeah, we’re going to do another UK headline tour in like February, so that’ll be fun.

Sounds great! Finally, how do you feel about the label ‘female fronted band’ being used to describe you, and its use in general?

S: People have their own views don’t they? But we don’t really give a fuck, she’s just another singer in another band.

B: Yeah, to be honest I just see myself as a singer, just a vocalist in a band, that’s it, it’s not like “oh I’m a girl in a band”, haha!

Catch Hannah’s intense live review of the Marmozets’ wall-to-wall mosh-pits, spit fuelled screams and incredible passion online soon. We promise you haven’t been to a gig like this since you were 15. 

[Hannah Burke – @hannahcburke_]

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