Film Review: If I Stay

If I Stay, the homonymous novel by Gayle Forman is now finally brought to the big screen by R.J. Cutler. How this story was going to be adapted was the source of much discussion and now it’s in theatres we can see how true it stays to the source for ourselves.

After seeing it I can honestly say I was expecting something else. I have to admit I haven’t read the book, which I’m planning to do as soon as I can, but based on the various trailers I have seen online I thought the story was going to be told differently. The plot is deep in its own way by making you question the briefness of life and bringing to you an appreciation of what you have now (carpe diem’s old topic). The film delves into all the kinds of philosophical questions you ask yourself at night when you can’t sleep.

If I Stay is one of those films you should wait for and watch at home, it’s not really worth going to the cinema for as it isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster boasting a stunning cast but rather filled with little known actors, except for the main female character Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz).

With continuous flashbacks you discover the details of the relationship between the two young musicians, Mia and Adam. As a young couple in love, they suffer the ups and downs of an adult relationship, but their lives are soon turned upside down from a family drive that goes terribly wrong. The film shows the audience the romance from both characters point of view.

If there is something remarkable it’s the soundtrack. As the cello is a key element in this film, the director has made an effort to find an appropriate melody and thus enlighten everyone with great composers such as Beethoven and Bach. Although not everyone may appreciate this kind of music, it accompanies the story well giving it a classic touch.

Finally, some people might argue that this film is dull but actually, I didn’t think it was so bad- it’s one of those films to watch with some friends on a Saturday afternoon, but don’t forget about the ice cream and the tissues!

[Cristina Chueca Del Cerro]

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