Students of the University of East Anglia were urged to take part in a habit that either everyone tends to keep hush about or announces loud and proud. The Go With the Flow campaign is encouraging students to do their first pee of the day whilst in the shower. The campaign claims that if all students take part, over 26 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water will be saved. If the whole of the UK took part, over 720m litres worth of water would be saved in comparison.

The campaign has been extremely divisive. For some, it’s offered a chance for those who already do this to admit to it proudly (which raises the question­- is the campaign based on the assumption that NO­ ONE pees in the shower in the morning?) or it has caused disgust from students who have to share their showers with others in university halls.

Qmunicate took to social media today to ask the question, and 75% of the students who took part in the survey said they would gladly make this sacrifice­ as most of them also added they do it already. “I’m already a loud and proud pee­-er of the shower!” exclaims third year Eilidh Weir. “It’s also the only time girls can really pee standing up!”

Ah-­ we can’t argue with that logic.

The leaders of the campaign state there is not an issue of hygiene here, as urine is sterile and of course the water is being washed away. But for some, the idea of this still isn’t appealing.

“I wouldn’t unless I absolutely couldn’t get to the toilet,” says Richard Kidd, second year. George Bruce, also second year, raises the issue of how much excess water will be used for the extra time those spend in the shower whilst relieving that tender bladder in the morning.

Qmunicate says? Aim for the drain, at least.

[Chiara Bullen – @Bullieo]

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