Fashion at Glasgow Uni

A blog showcasing the fabulous fashions at Glasgow Uni has become a real hit on campus. Founded by business student Zsofia, Fashion at Glasgow Uni started out as a street style blog offering tips and inspiration from our very own students.

Nine months on, the blog has hundreds of readers and an editorial team of six: Zsofia as editor-in-chief, plus new writers Anastasia, Stiliyana, Edith, Konstantina and Dora. As well as bringing smiles to the faces of the students who have been snapped around campus, the site has expanded to feature guest bloggers, beauty tips, and news of fashion-related events around Glasgow. In March, Zsofia wrote about up-and-coming talent in her review of the Glasgow School of Art’s fashion show, and stood up for racial equality for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Thanks to its enthusiasm and bubbly tone, the blog is a joy to read. The team’s writing bursts with admiration for the well-dressed students they’ve spotted so far. There’s even a handy guide to emulating each student’s style, if you’re feeling inspired – everything’s affordable, of course! We also get a little peek into the students’ lives: what do they study, what are their hobbies, who are their inspirations? After the controversies surrounding other University social media interactions like the Spotted: Glasgow Uni Library page, it’s refreshing to see such a positive student-led site gaining real momentum.

Qmunicate grabbed a word with editor, Zsofia, to find out why this was founded and where it’s going. “Originally I created the blog to show how stylish students can be at university, and how diverse the culture is here at the University of Glasgow. After some time, I realised I want to do more with this blog than dedicating it to ‘just’ street fashion. I now have a team of bloggers and photographers, and together we are working to create the University’s Fashion Magazine. It’s also a great opportunity for students who’d like to try out writing, blogging or photography.”

[Lauren Cummings – @__laurenC]

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