Album Review: Vance Joy – Dream Your Life Away

His real name is James Keogh and he had two very well received singles released last year- including last Summer’s ultimate pleasure,‘Riptide’. This time he delivers thirteen beautifully crafted songs which will absolutely establish his career in the vast world of indie pop.  

With a voice which makes such names as James Blunt and Ben Howard come to mind, Joy is at the doorstep of being the next big hit. Having just signed a five-album contract with Atlantic Records, we will definitely be hearing more of him. The album kicks off with Joy’s serene voice in ‘Winds of Change’ and then continues with instrumentally thrifty melodies, based mainly on acoustic guitar, occasionally swapped for a ukulele.

‘Riptide’ peaked several charts but the biggest highlights of the album are certainly ‘Mess is Mine;which is musically one of the richest tracks of the album, and ‘Wasted Time;’ exciting with its rhythm accelerating towards the end and Joy’s echoing lyrical beauties.

Dream Your Life Away is a solid collection of indie pop/folk music and on top of that a truly well crafted set of lyrics which makes the album worth listening to a couple of times, just to unravel everything it has to offer.

[Julka Jaworska]

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