Live Review: FKA Twigs

Oran Mór, 6/10

FKA Twigs is well known for delivering phenomenal live performances of her infusion of R&B, Trip-Hop and Electronic music. Her Glasgow gig sold out as fans flocked to Oran Mór expecting something truly special, and the London-based singer-songwriter certainly did not disappoint.

With no support act, the crowd are immediately plunged into Twigs’ live set. Her three-person band bring the songs from EP2 and EP1 to life, integrating bass, percussive and melodic sounds on traditional instruments and SPD pads to create an astonishingly intricate backing to Twigs’ ethereal vocals. It is instantly clear that these songs are at their best when experienced live. The audience are given an immersion into the music that you simply cannot get from studio recordings. The immediacy and richness of the contrasting musical parts combined with the pounding venue acoustics induces a kind of mass-hypnosis, and the crowd are soon possessed by the rhythms – dancing and swaying as one. The cheering between songs seems almost jarring, as if breaking some kind of magic spell.

Twigs herself is a joy to watch. Her voice soars flawlessly, and the sheer sensuality of her movements is nothing short of stunning. She is an artist fully in command of the space her body inhabits on stage. In addressing the crowd however, she is delightfully shy and soft-spoken. “I’m not very good at talking on stage”, she confesses sheepishly, before plunging into another captivating, sexually-charged number.

All too soon the short set is over, but the timelessness of the music lingers. Later, Twigs’ band head upstairs to the bar for a quiet pint and a friendly chat with the fans who are still around. As for the singer herself, she is already “back at the hotel, working on her music”. FKA Twigs has gone from strength to strength throughout her career, and her diligence and dedication to her art promises great things for the future.

[Cat Acheson]

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