Live Review & Interview: Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is on fire. She first made waves after featuring on Rudimental’s massive dance anthem ‘Waiting All Night’ last year, and since then she has gone on to release her debut EP ‘Deeper’.  Eyre’s song ‘Comeback’ – a fuck you to those who cheat whilst in relationships – debuted at number 12 in the charts recently. Not only that, but she also co-wrote the number one single ‘Changing’ for Sigma and Paloma Faith. Phewph. In short, Ella Eyre is one to watch.

There are no other words to describe somebody who brings so much excitement and energy to the stage back earlier this month at 02 ABC. Ella had the whole crowd jumping to ‘Waiting All Night’, ‘Comeback’ and a great rendition of Jermaine Stewart’s ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’. The audience was also able to garner some sense of her personality: she was cheeky and sassy, and invited the crowd to just get a little bit wild, to go crazy for one night.

Her more slow-tempo and emotional songs were just as powerful, and she moved the audience with stripped back versions of ‘Home’ and ‘Typical Me’ . Ella was so in control of the audience’s emotions and she clearly thrived being centre stage. She has the makings to be a mega star, and the show gave a very promising insight into what her debut album will be like: loud and crazy, with some more mellow reflective tracks in between.

qmunicate’s Ambreen Rasool was lucky enough to interview Ella Eyre in anticipation of her UK tour.

Hi Ella, you are starting your UK tour in Birmingham today. How are you feeling about it?

Ella – I’m incredibly excited, there have been a lot of changes on this tour; a lot of new material and new routines. And I am looking forward to people’s response to it all.

So far in your career, what has been your most memorable moment?

E – Probably the BRIT awards. It was an amazing evening, and to win a BRIT award [Ella won Single of the Year for her track with Rudimental] and to perform was amazing and a really great experience.

You have rocketed to stardom since releasing your first EP, Deeper, in 2013. When you reflect upon the past few years, is being a professional singer all that you wanted? Have you achieved your dreams?

E – To be fair, somebody asked this the other day and, to be honest, as a kid I didn’t always want to be a singer. I never really thought about it. I always loved performing. I never quite knew what I wanted to do. So in that sense, my dreams have been exceeded. I guess the next step for me now is to keep dreaming and to have bigger goals.

You co-wrote the hit single ‘Changing’ for Sigma and Paloma Faith. How did that come about?

E – I just wrote a song and Sigma wanted it really. It wasn’t really suitable for me because I was right in the middle of my campaign. The way that the industry works is that managers ‘float’ songs, and Sigma were looking for one. It was an honour to have Paloma Faith on the single.

Who would you most like to work with?

E – I would love to work with Justin Timberlake and Pharell, not just because I like their music, but because I also like their style. It would be really intriguing to see what we would come up with.

What is the best part of your job?

E – Definitely visiting different cities and countries. You get to discover new foods, new music and new cultures. I have really enjoyed that aspect.

What/who would you consider to be your musical influences?

I have so many: Bassment Jaxx, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald (who I am named after), Lauryn Hill and Joss Stone.

What would be your advice to other aspiring musicians?

I think it is all about networking, always being nice to everybody, you never know who you will meet on the way down. I think it’s also about being aware of the world around you. I always used to think that I was too absorbed in social networking sites, in Twitter and Facebook. I have now started reading books and newspapers, and I have a newspaper everyday in my rider, and it just makes me more aware of what’s going on.

What does the future have in store for Ella Eyre?

Well I am on tour just now, and then my album will be coming out early next year. I will be supporting Basement Jaxx in London’s 02 arena in December which is really exciting!

[Ambreen Rasool]

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