Live Review: Southern

October 12, Nice nSleazy

Just before the release of their new single ‘Cool Kid’ on October 20th, Belfast-born brother and sister duo Southern stopped by Nice ’n’ Sleazy as part of their UK tour to play to a busy Sunday night crowd. Hailed as one of this year’s most up and coming bands, straight away they were engaging the crowd, with singer Thom requesting the audience all get out their seats and move forward to the stage, a request that was willingly fulfilled and had people dancing for the rest of the night.

To watch Southern perform it’s clear how much they love music and performing together, with Thom and Lucy moving and dancing in almost perfect unison at times as they played. That love makes them incredibly enjoyable to watch, even before you consider the music. It doesn’t hurt that the duo also come with piercing blue eyes and perfect hair.

There’s something great about the blended harmonies of a male and female vocal, which Southern provided fantastically. Thom took on most of the vocals, displaying an incredible range, and the clarity of Lucy’s voice joining in left you asking for her to sing often, sing more.

The songs played were a mix of singles and EP tracks already known, including ‘Where I Want to Be’ and ‘Just Think About It’, two tracks that show the rock ’n’ roll, blues influence over their guitar riffs, with new tracks which we can expect to hear on the upcoming album. The atmosphere didn’t change from known tracks to unknown, with the crowd dancing and enjoying each new track just as much as the last. Single ‘Cool Kids’, previously released but now newly arranged, was the stand out most popular song of the night.

While the songs all had a similar sound, for a 40 minute set on a Sunday evening, Southern were engaging, dancey and clearly in love with music and there’s not much else an audience can ask for. It’s likely that everyone who was there that night will be rushing out to buy the album as soon as it’s released, and to relive those bluesy riffs that characterised most of the songs.

[Emma Ainley-Walker – @emaw23]

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