Album Review: DZ DEATHRAYS – Black Rat

Calling the latest offering of DZ DEATHRAYS anything less than a psychedelic pop trip into a run down haunted house would not be doing it justice. From the name alone, Black Rat, one almost expects something sinister to be afoot – and would not be mistaken in thinking so. The Australian duo return after a two year hiatus to bring us this record.

True to form, the first track ‘Black Rat’, immediately assails the listener with a cacophony of sounds. The, somehow, upbeat melancholy found in the first track only intensifies as one goes onto tracks such as ‘Less Out of Sync’ wherein sound fluctuates between carefree indifference for the world to a monotonous lethargy. The saving grace of the album finds itself within the run time of ‘Northern Lights’ and possibly ‘Fixations’, which hark back to their previous works.

Overall the experience offered here is somewhat lackluster and dreary which comes as a disappointment. However those listening to the band for the first time may want to defer judgement until after they have listened to the entire album.

[Luca Schaffhauser]

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