Album Review: Yellowcard – Lift A Sail

After losing their drummer and leaving Hopeless records to sign a new multi-album contract with Razor & Tie earlier this year, Yellowcard had a helluva lot to prove with Lift a Sail.

Understandably, the band wanted to release something that would both excite old fans and hopefully recruit a few new ones – with aims to out-do everything they’ve put out thus far. The reality though, is a little less impressive. The distinctive sound is still there, and sure there are a handful of stand-out tracks. ‘Make Me So’ and ‘Transmission Home’ are both total anthems, with the potential to be absolutely massive live.

‘One Bedroom’ is another highlight, demonstrating the band’s ability to combine haunting vocals, string arrangements and colossal riffs all in one song. And they absolutely nail it. A lot of the album, however, fails to make a lasting impression. None of it is terrible, but overall – it’s not particularly memorable either.

When you’re as consistently good as Yellowcard, it can be a brave claim to say you’re going to out-do everything you’ve ever done. Unfortunately though, on this occasion they just missed their target.

[Hannah Burke – @hannahcburke_]

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