Live Review: Twin Atlantic

Barrowlands, October 25th

Nothing But Thieves kicked the night off with a chilled out but invigorating vibe, the lead vocals rang out epically against a complex musical backdrop. The Xcerts followed with something slightly more pop-rocky and slightly more in your face as the crowd slowly grew to maximum capacity.

As intro songs go, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, if not slightly long, is definitely one to get a large crowd going; not that a Glaswegian audience need to be any more revved up for the imminent arrival of local heroes Twin Atlantic.

It’s a Saturday night and Twin Atlantic are just about to take to the stage at a sold out Barrowlands for the second night running and the place erupts for them. They let the momentum build with first song ‘The Ones That I Love’ before fully letting loose with brilliant ‘Hold On’.

The audience tonight is of an impressive variety; the main body is centralised, throwing themselves up down and around to the thundering drums and infectious guitars, but parents accompanying pre-adolescents as well as the mid-thirties-wishing-they-were-still-mid-twenties crowd man the peripheries and more than one head of grey hair is visible. That says it all about Twin Atlantic and the Glasgow spirit, a great band and the best home crowd going.

The set list is just as varied, with plenty of songs from the new album The Great Divide but more than enough from Free and Vivarium to satisfy the hardcore fans – of which we are not lacking tonight. A particular perk was the outstanding drum solo kicking off into ‘The Ghost of Eddie’ busted out with ease, like rain water off a Glaswegians back.

When lead singer Sam McTrusty had the whole place sing ‘happy birthday’ to his elder sister who was present, the – figurative – wall between performer and fan came down and this flowed nicely into final pre-encore song ‘Why Won’t We Change’.

Overall, a mental encore comprising of perfectly executed hits ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Heart and Soul’ summed up what Twin Atlantic are; a class live act, in every way.

[Calum Price – @calprice28]

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