Album Review: Jamie T – Carry on the Grudge

It was very easy to fucking hate Jamie T. When he first entered ours lives, it was back in 2010 and being “indie” was the newest fad in high school. You seemingly just could not avoid old Jamie T tunes such as ‘Sheila’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’ (they were relatively old at the time too… how edgy). These songs were, and still are, shit.

However, Carry On the Grudge has drastically changed our opinions of him, because he has matured incredibly. He has found a very cool balance between his distinctive sound, his cockney attitude and some fucking great music.

There is no denying how good the single ‘Zombie’ is and the buzz that has been created surrounding the album as a whole is well deserved. His voice is considerably more enjoyable this time round, and his melodies on songs like ‘The Prophet’ sound more Blur than the angsty try-hard-indie of his first two albums. The bare versatility of this album is impressive too. Laid-back ‘Mary Lee’ runs with ease into funky ‘Trouble’ before the folky harmonies on ‘Murder of Crows’.

This one’s for old and new fans. So thanks Jamie, for taking five years off to grow up.

[Callum Price – @calprice28]

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