Album Review: Johnny Marr – Playland

Die hard Smiths fans who stuck by Johnny Marr as he made his transformation from guitarist to solo artist will undoubtedly feel great excitement at the release of his new album, Playland.

Which will only make the crushing sense of disappointment even worse when they get a listen.

First of all, what is with the bland album sleeve that features Marr awkwardly standing by the title? A title which, one is entitled to believe, suggests many things like fun, laughter and merriment – none of which the album actually delivers. Every track is samey. It’s uninspirational and tired sounding. The lyrics are generic. It’s all in all, well, boring.

Maybe it’s the kind of album you could listen to a couple of songs from at a party before quickly switching over. Maybe we just expected too much from a musician with such a prestigious past. Or maybe Johnny’s just finding it difficult to keep it fresh years later. But if you thought you were a Johnny Marr fan, do yourself a favour and don’t bother. It’ll only hurt. Or bore you to tears.

[Alice Lannon]

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