Album Review: Rustie – Green Language

Since launching on to the music scene at Glasgow’s very own Sub Club, Rustie has been doing big things. His debut album Glass Swords in 2011 was met with a rousing reception for its unique frantic ambience that just hates to be categorized.  This carries over into his new album, Green Language, with quite a twist.

Named after the mythical language of the birds, the album contains a certain otherworldly feel that shows Rustie at his best. Songs such as ‘Lets Spiral’ and ‘Paradise Stone’ present a truly ethereal landscape that comes alive with every intricate bleep. Green Language is bookended by songs like these, creating great variation in the middle that listeners will either love or hate.

Characterized by collaborations with rappers such as Danny Brown in ‘Attak’, this change presents a sudden drop in the album’s flow that verges on the disorganized. Indeed, fans will find the ambient environments thrilling, yet may lose enthusiasm after they hear the vocals that jar with Rustie’s true talent.

Overall, the album presents areas of undeniable genius, yet fails to truly capitalize on what makes his past work so enjoyable.

[Niall Gray]

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