Album Review: Superfood – Don’t Say That

Not only do they infuse half of the name of Supergrass, they grasp a similar feel with their loop percussion and quirky lyrics.

Superfood’s Don’t Say That‘ recent LP release intertwines all the quirks from an early 00’s band yet seem able keep a fresh approach. The Brummie four-piece seem to organize their lyrics around a fascination of food and wrap screechy distorted effects around indulging words, whilst swinging towards a teenage angst sound.

This hangover treat has a resonance with bands like Guillemots on the track ‘You Can Believe’. Front-man Dom Ganderton groans out like an isolated adolescent throughout the album and the recent wave of Brummie music like Peace and Swim Deep have infected the layout of the 13 song release.

As enjoyable as Superfood are, they don’t seem to really send out an innovative message to the pop world. They fall short of spectacular and are repetitive when they moan about a girl next door. Maybe the Birmingham based band don’t hit the ceiling, but they have secured a solid sounding first LP release and will surely prove they’re worthy on their upcoming tour.

[Arron Cockell – @ArronCockell]

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