Live Review: Destruction

When I made my way down to Audio, one of Glasgow’s finest dens of scum and villainy (or rock’n’roll) I was not aware that I was about to witness one of the greatest shows of Glasgow’s recent history. German Thrash-Metal legends Destruction brought a whole bag of strong support acts with them, and delivered a truly fantastic show.

First on: Belgium’s speed-metal brigade Evil Invaders. After a very well received EP and an extensive tour of Europe’s festival circuit, this energetic four-piece blew everyone away. Stage show, attitude and songs were all spot on and thus result in the first circle pits and beer showers of the night.

I was certain I had already seen the best show of the night but Lost Society proved me wrong. Keeping up the insane energy level of Evil Invaders is difficult but LS managed and added stage divers to the audience’s physical activities. Talking of audience, I was thoroughly impressed with how the Glaswegian metalheads presented themselves: pits, sing-alongs, headbanging, stage-diving – the whole repertoire, from the first band onwards. Being more or less sold out, the limited space in Audio helped to push the atmosphere to the max and evoked the crazy images of early ‘80s stage shows from Slayer and co. (or Destruction for that matter).

Third support is Shrapnel from England, who don’t quite manage to keep up with the first two bands. Static in their stage show and not much more than solid in presentation were definitely the low point of the night by comparison.

Finally it was time for the headliners to give the well warmed up audience what they came for: old-school thrash metal! After an atmospheric intro, bass/vocal giant Schmier, all clad in leather and chains of course, led his troops into a brutal assault of both iconic sing-alongs as well as plenty of headbang and mosh material. The set-list is rich in ‘80s classics and no one in the room left unsatisfied. What a great night, both the bands and the audience were on top form.

[Ansgar Hastenpflug]

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